Bombed Out (2014): for String Orchestra – 10 minutes


Letting Out What Was In (2016): for String Orchestra – 6 minutes


To Let Go (2018): for String Orchestra, 5 minutes


When the rocks meet the sea (2017): for Symphony Orchestra, 6 minutes



Duo (2019): for 2 Clarinets in Bb – 4 minutes


Glued with Gold (2020): for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Piano, Violin, Cello – 6 minutes


H20 (2014): for Flute, Violin, Viola, Cello and Vibraphone – 5 minutes


Malayalam (2014): for Flute, Cello and Piano – 5 minutes


Monsoon (2014): for Woodwind Dectet – 6 minutes


                                                           Moonlit Night (2009):  Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Harp, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass                                                       


Reflections (2018): for Double Bass and Piano – 3 minutes


Sweet Rose (2009): for Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Viola, Cello – 5 minutes


The Hoy Sea Woman (2013): for Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass – 6 minutes

Written on the Magnus Composers’ Course in collaboration with the Hebrides Ensemble


The Song of the Phoenix (2015): for Accordion, Violin and Cello, 9 minutes

Written on Sound and Music’s Portfolio 2014/15 Scheme


The world doesn’t fall apart (2016): for String Quartet – 5 minutes




Basho’s Journey (2015): for SATB Double Chorus – 10 minutes

Text: Matuso Basho


Clara (2019): for Soprano Solo, Alto Solo and SATB Double Chorus – 20 minutes

Text: Clara Schumann and Eugenie Schumann (tr. Grace Hadow), Di de Woolfson

Written on Making Music’s Adopt-A-Composer Scheme 2018/2019


When to her lute (2013): for SATB – 4 minutes

Text: Thomas Campion




Contemporary Classical:

Arcadia (2009): for Soprano and Piano – 3 minutes

Text: Chloe Knibbs


But the World (2013): for Solo Soprano – 2 minutes

Text: Rebecca K. Morrison


Little Child (2012): for Soprano and Piano – 4 minutes

Text: Chloe Knibbs


Songs of Lucy (2013): for Soprano and Clarinet in Bb/Bass Clarinet – 8  minutes

Text: William Wordsworth

Movements: I – Strange fits of passion II – She dwelt, III – I travelled among unknown men



The Road to Kérity (2014): for Soprano, Clarinet in Bb, Cello and Vibraphone – 5 minutes




The Girl Behind the Glass (2016) – 5 minutes


Ghost (2016) – 4 minutes


Zero Gravity (2015) – 5 minutes



Leaves (2020): Electronics – 3 minutes

Collaborator: Cerebellum Arts


Litanies Remixed (2020): Electronics – 5 minutes

Collaborator: RePlace Project/Colin Riley


N.Y N.Y Film Score (2015): for Piano, Violin and Electronics –

Collaborator: Anna Olsson and Flatpack Film Festival


ORA (2016): for Violin, Clarinet in Bb and Electronics –

Collaborator: Anna Olsson





Street of Crocodiles (2015): for String Quartet and Electronics – ca. 20 minutes

Music for Birmingham School of Acting’s “Street of Crocodiles” Performance, Birmingham Hippodrome


Syrenka (2018): for Narrator and Amplified Ensemble: Alto Recorder, Chamber Organ, Piano, Violin, Cello, Double Bass – 11 minutes

Text (adaption of Polish folk tale): Cerys Upstone and Chloe Knibbs


“That’s just life isn’t it” (2017): for Baritone, Violin and Double Bass – 5 minutes

Collaborators: Birmingham Opera Company, Choir With No Name, Birmingham Branch


The Girl Behind the Glass (2017/18): for Soprano, Mezzo, Cello and Electronics – 45 minutes

Text/Direction: Chloe Knibbs

Collaborators: Abigail Kelly, Suzie Purkis, Flora McNicoll

Supported by the PRS Women Make Music Fund, performances in partnernship with the Rape and Sexual Violence Project